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A Simple Chalk Paste Crush

Y'all know my favorite thing to do is inspire you to create & decorate a home you'll love! So, when I found out about Chalk Couture, it was instant “love”—I had myself a simple chalk paste crush!  
chalk couture chalk paste
My favorite thing about Chalk Couture is that it turns out looking like real professional hand-lettering on your project. You don’t have to be an artist. You don’t have to know how to paint. ALL of that part is done for you! All you have to do is dream up a project and apply it! Easy, peasy and y'all know I'm all about easy, peasy! Here are a couple of cute, holiday projects I did using the fun chalk paste. The first one is a wax warmer from Dollar Tree>>>
dollar tree chalk couture wax warmer
Video Tutorial is here>>>
This second one is a craft bag for extra special gift-giving>>>
chalk couture gift bag
Video Tutorial is here>>>

Being an Independent Designer for this awesome company, has created such an excitement and opened tons of new ideas for me to share, that I'd love for you to join in doing with me. You can purchase Chalk Couture products or join my team by going directly to my site >>>HERE<<< 

>>>Leave your thoughts below in the comments please…
BTW— Life is short—Enjoy the mess! I hope you try this product out for yourself, it is super easy to use!
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